Catherine W McKinney




The Short List

25 years working in print media venues: writing, designing, proofreading, editing, photography

 16 years at The Ellsworth American, an award-winning weekly newspaper in Downeast Maine 

Love writing letters

Born in San Francisco, lived on Cape Cod and in Downeast Maine, call the Olympic Peninsula home

Have a traveler's heart

Know any meal becomes a memorable feast when shared with friends and conversation

Tea and books make any day wonderful

A Few Current favs:

Neil Gaiman

Diana Wynne Jones

Kij Johnson

Loreena McKennitt


Finnriver Farm & Cidery



I am a writer, a designer, a creator of assemblages on paper and in rooms. I collect words, dreams, tales, odd bits of conversations, spinning yarns and weaving stories.

While I enjoy the puzzle of a well-plotted murder mystery, it is through the landscapes of myth and fairy tale, magic and times less familiar where I trod, searching for the door at the edge of the garden, at the edge of the forest, at the edge of the river and along the sea. Beyond the graying mists.

Through this door, looking round its well-worn borders, beyond its lintels and hinges, I hope to cross the obscured threshold into other realms, into other gardens, onto other shores whose secrets and mysteries call out to our imaginations.

I am haunted by those other realms, those realms of the imagination. And as I write I find glimpses of the path meandering deep into the forests of creativity. Inside these forest glens await deep chairs, warm fires, copious cups of teas, heavily spiced cake, and voices ebbing and flowing with endless tidings of fabled yearnings, of other places and another crowd.

There will I build my home, sturdy, with words circling and dancing and revealing.

In the meanwhile, I write in a borrowed room surrounded by an assortment of objects both found and gifted.

Companionship is always welcomed in the dooryard of the imagination. Iíll bring the enchanted, expanding bag of words, the satchel of letters. Free flowing pens and blank pages.

You can find words and images, and past accomplishments, in the electronic baronies of LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumbler.

Thanks for resting by my rambling fireside, and please visit again. There's always a comfortable chair waiting for you and a pot of fresh tea steeping....





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