Celebrating Girls with Pens

This poem was written by a young girl participating in the amazing program WriteGirl. The annual poetry drive raising funds for WriteGirl is one of my favorite ways to spend money.

Here’s this years poem:

West to East

The sun is setting on the three corners of my youth:
Melrose and Burroughs and Venice.
These are the final 30 seconds
of the hip hop serenade
dancing in the palm trees.
One final night finishing a robot for competition
researching a heated debate
typing out analysis on poetry
or crying onto the final pages
of a Murakami novel.
I pack my bags for the next adventure
take one last look, sigh
and turn my back
on a city that I claim as a town.
I become a silhouette.

– By Miranda Rector, WriteGirl Mentee, Age 18