Transforming Anger

How do we take our anger and transform it into sacred rage? How do we create a language that opens the heart instead of closing it, a language that creates community rather than divides it? To¬† bear witness is not a passive act. It’s an act of consequence that leads to consciousness. It matters.

Terry Tempest Williams

Today a vow must be made, that with kindness, with open arms and open hearts, with conviction for protecting our most vulnerable citizens, protecting those rights that define us most as citizens of the United States, while welcoming those who need our solace, we, the people, must, with peaceful protest, stand guard, directing our government to choose kindness, tolerance and compassion.

Welcome to the Northwest

If landscape is character, then Northwesterners are most like water. We are shaped by the voluptuous shores and salt tides of Puget Sound, the deep currents of the Columbia, Salmon, and Snake rivers. Northwesterners have always been water folk, shaped by this Sound and also by the sounds of rapid rivers and dousing rains. Our tales are syncopated with rhythms of tide and wind, cries of seagulls, ospreys, and eagles, the mystical breath of whales, and grieving argpeggios of foghorns. Northwesterners are held back from falling off the proverbial edge of the world by a Pacific coastline whose nurturing rain forests and rocky peninsulas face the sea like guardians.

From Singing to the Sound: Visions of Nature, Animals, & Spirit by Brenda Peterson.