River Mist Tales: The Faery Door

Come in, come in, the river mist will be gone soon enough, but here you’ll find some tales, some warmth so make yourself comfortable. There’s tea in the pot, or perchance, you brought some wee dram of your own.

Please sit by the window, you’ll have the best view, and easy hearing. Ignore the cats, no matter what they say, and don’t open the window for the tapping crows.

I’ll be working at the table in the corner, if you have any need, or she knocks upon the door. And until you stop by again, may your wonderings be bold and your imaginings be wise.

Until your next visit, until the next photograph, the next 12-line story, good fortune and safe wanderings.


 The Faery Door

“You’re not gonna believe what I found,” said Marion catching her breath after running up the hill. “I’m sure it wasn’t there yesterday.”

Marion turned, hesitated, then began moving back down the hill expecting her sister, Fiona, and their brother, Sean, would follow, but her elder siblings stood silent, paying her no attention.

“You have to come now, before it’s hidden again,” said Marion.

“If it is hidden again, you don’t win the bet,” said Sean.

“Don’t care, come on, come on, before it’s too late,” cried Marion, moving down the hill toward the thicket of trees at the edge of the forest.

“We’ll follow,” said Fiona, smiling, giving Sean a conspiratorial nod, eager for the moment when she would reveal the truth about Marion’s discovery.

Sean and Fiona, tired of their younger sister’s obsession with finding a faery door, hatched a plan, a simple trick made of wood and moss.

The bet was Sean’s idea, whoever found the first faery door would be free from chores for one week, the other two taking on the extra work, but only if it were a true faery door, otherwise the finder of the false door must do a week of chores for each of the other two siblings.

Following the fast moving Marion closer toward the edge of the forest, the older brother and sister looked one to the other before Fiona asked Sean, “Did you move it?”

“Look, isn’t it wonderful,” said Marion pointing towards a small door among the tree roots, unaware of the confusion her brother and sister were experiencing. Standing in disbelief, the pair were shaking their heads as they saw the remains of their false door scattered about the floor of the forest.

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