River Mist Tales


Beginning on Friday, May 13, and every Friday after that, you will find a photograph and a story here in this digital notebook of mine.

These companions, single photograph and 12 line story, are formed of the mist rising from the river flowing near my home.

Sometimes the river flows fast, sometimes the river flows slow, but always the mist rises, hides and reveals, telling tales from nearby, and far and away.

Please make yourself comfortable. There’s tea in the pot, or perchance, you brought some wee dram of your own.

The seat by the window gives the best view, allows for the easiest of hearing.

Ignore the cats, no matter what they say, and don’t open the window for the crows, no matter how urgent they tap.

I’ll be working at the table in the corner, if you have any need, or she knocks upon the door.

And until you stop by again, may your wonderings be bold and your imaginings be wise.

May you enjoy these River Mist Tales and stop by and tarry again.

Until your next visit, good fortune and safe wanderings.

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